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Capturing Life's Best Moments: A Glimpse Behind the Lens of this Nashville Wedding Photographer

Updated: Jan 25

Hi friends! I'm Sarah Addleman, your go-to wedding photographer! But guess what- not only do I adore wedding photography, but I am also you best gal for engagement photography, family photography, maternity photography, and boudoir 🔥

I am based in the heart of Nashville, TN, but I love love LOVE to travel, and will go just about anywhere for a great photoshoot! I grew up in the mountains of East TN (Johnson City specifically). I also have also lived in Richmond, VA, Charlottesville, Va, & Asheville, NC, and I take every opportunity I get to come back and photograph!

For me, photography is more than just a profession; it's a passionate journey, freezing time in frames, and immortalizing the beauty of life.

Jumping headfirst into the awesome mix of weddings, family fun, baby bumps, a bit of boudoir sass, and even some corporate hustle – I’m all about that variety! Whether it's the lively vibe of Nashville, the warm charm of Johnson City, the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, or rolling hills in the Virginia countryside, I've been lucky enough to snap up love stories, tight-knit families, work wins, and those super real, behind-the-scenes moments that give each event its own kick. It's not just about snapping photos; it's about soaking in the good vibes and turning them into visual stories that’ll have you feeling all the feels.

So, if you're planning your dream wedding, embarking on a family escapade, or just want to freeze a precious moment in time – let's team up and make some photo magic together! 📸 ✨

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