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Top 5 Favorite Places to Photograph in Nashville

Updated: Apr 23

With a decade of experience as a Nashville photographer, I understand that choosing the perfect location for your photoshoot can be a bit overwhelming. But, hey, no worries! I've curated a list of my top spots around Music City that will turn your session into a visual masterpiece and an unforgettable experience!

1. Ellington Agricultural Center: Nature's Playground
Whether you're after dreamy woodsy vibes, the charm of a babbling creek, large open fields, flower gardens, or majestic trees, Ellington Agricultural Center is the spot! Conveniently located off I-65, it offers a variety of unique aesthetics year-round. From the pale pink cherry blossoms in spring to the lush greenery of summer trees, the warmth of changing leaves in fall, or the cool browns and grays in winter, it's an ideal setting for your engagement session, family session, maternity session, or even your wedding if you're seeking nature in a picturesque setting. Plus, it's easy to use – park, wander, and capture amazing shots hassle-free.

2. Shelby Bottoms: Vibes Galore
Shelby Bottoms is a photographer's playground with vibes for every mood! Located in East Nashville along the Cumberland River, it offers everything from woodsy tranquility, to tall grass chic, and even a hint of industrial charm along the elevated train track – it's a variety show! Whether you're a couple wanting nature and urban flair or a family seeking diverse backgrounds, Shelby Bottoms has it all. And and as bonus it's easy to navigate, park, explore, and capture those special memories with minimal fuss.

3. Narrows of the Harpeth: Cliffside Wonderland (For the Adventurous Souls!)
Ready to elevate your photoshoot? The Narrows of the Harpeth offers breathtaking cliff views and large vistas. There's a catch though – it closes an hour before sunset. But no big deal because your girl LOVES a good sunrise shoot, and this location is perfect for it! A short, but steep, hike adds an extra dash of excitement, making it ideal for adventurous couples seeking a bit of sunrise adventure.

4. Printers Alley: Stepping Back in Time
For those who love a bit of nostalgia, Printers Alley offers old-timey city views. Located in downtown Nashville, Printers Alley boasts historic charm, the warm glow of twinkle lights, a vintage ambiance, and that feeling of excitement that comes from being in the heart of a city. It's a fantastic setting for couples desiring a wistful setting while exploring downtown Nashville.

5. Centennial Park: Architectural Elegance Meets Natural Beauty
If you desire a blend of beautiful architecture and natural bliss, Centennial Park is the answer! Located in the heart of Nashville, this 132-acre park is home to the iconic Parthenon replica. Alongside lush trees, open fields, meticulously manicured flower gardens, and a small but tranquil lake, it creates a dreamy atmosphere. While popular, it can be challenging for public photography, but don't worry – we'll navigate it to ensure no photobombs. It's also easy to use like the others – park, walk around, and capture amazing amazing photos with no hassle. Overall its a great location for engagement sessions, family sessions, maternity sessions, or even weddings!

So whether you're planning an engagement, wedding, family, or maternity session, these locations all make fantastic backdrops for timeless memories. Let's get together and turn your session into something truly magical! 📸✨
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